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Registered in Washington state, WS International, Inc., in its earlier incarnation, in the 1990s and early 2000s, helped American companies develop business and partnerships in China. It evolved along with its owners onto managing China operations of American businesses and China-related research, writing and translating. Today, with American and Chinese economies so much more intertwined, WSI is evolving again. It now offers three types of service:


Website into Chinese

Translating your website into Chinese:

As Bloomberg BusinessWeek advised in "How to Translate Your Website to Reach Customers in China," for businesses, especially small ones: 1. With first 550, then 600, now 700 million Chinese consumers on the Internet, expanding your sales into that country is a great idea. 2. Create a Web page in Simplified Chinese about your company, with another stating what you are selling, is a great idea, too.



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Interpreting between English and Chinese for you:

With Washington State Department of Social And Health Services certification for both interpreter and medical interpreter in Mandarin Chinese, WSI also works with translation and interpreting agencies in providing interpreting service to both public and private clients, helping them communicate on the spot!


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Contact WS International:

Interested a little bit? Let's explore the China and Chinese market together. It would be fun. Send an email, please.
Find out more about WSI at its one other venture, a media venture: WA China Watch Digest
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